One of the most rewarding, and sometimes most difficult, things to do as a parent is to say "yes" to our children. Society makes it easy for parents, encourages parents, to say no to children. Limits are seen as necessary and desirable. I am so glad to have learned that "yes" is not a dirty word to shelter my children from. In fact, the more creative I am in finding ways to say yes to them, the more I find that I am really saying yes to myself and to life itself.

I recently read a poignant letter in one of my favorite catalogues about this very idea. It is titled, "Say Yes When It Matters," and you can read it here: http://www.femailcreations.com/girl_talk.aspx . I think it is a good illustration why saying "yes"as much as possible is vital to a full, joyful life for ourselves, AND our children. I believe that when you're a parent, every "yes" matters.

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