White Squirrels

As we were driving through North Carolina recently, we happened to see a white squirrel by the side of the road. It was so cool looking! We had never seen one before, so we made a mental note to "look up white squirrels" when we get home. Well, we got back home, unpacked, and got back into the daily flow of life, almost forgetting all about the white squirrel.

Then my daughter approached me and asked me to give her "a project". She said she didn't mean a craft project, or a sewing project, or anything like that. She wanted a subject that she could look up, find information on, and write a report about. The white squirrel was just the idea we needed! So my daughter proceeded to research on the internet and compile a written report, which she presented to my husband and myself orally. It turns out that white squirrels are extremely rare, but have several colonies throughout North America.

How lucky are we?! We've see things like the white squirrel, that we wouldn't have seen if we weren't in NC for the Live & Learn Conference. And we see children who love to research, write reports, and make oral presentations. I guess it's really not luck at all. It's due to the conscious choices we make in our unschooling lifestyle. We do not spend our days caught in a blinding routine. We work to keep our eyes open to the wonders all around us, the most wonderful sight being our own children, and we are amazed and awed by what we see again and again.


More Fun Art and Craftiness

Thanks to my friend Mary for sharing this amazing work (by Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu) on her blog. We are M.C. Escher fans here, so we think this is really cool. Don't you?

Here's something else fun and new I just saw on WhipUp today.

It was quite timely because my kids have been having a blast, literally, with the hundreds of balloons my son just got as part of a balloon hat making kit he acquired at the recent conference we went to. I am awful at helping them create things with their balloons, because I am terrified of them popping while I work on them. I startle so much when they do!!! This softie would be the perfect "balloon" creation for me. There is a myriad of even more adorable softies on this site by Heidi Kenney, too cute for words. Go check 'em out!


This year's Live and Learn Conference was just as wonderful as the previous four we've attended, if not better. It was set in the middle of the majestic Black Mountain area of North Carolina at a YMCA camp. We had the whole place to ourselves, and we took it over with great joy! :) Here are a few highlights.
The view from, the porch of, and a look at, the awesome Lee Hall.

The stream and the lake.

That's just the setting! Now add fabulous funshops, thought provoking presentations, numerous intimate roundtable discussions, a talent show, a dance, midnight movies, AND the most awesome tribe of people ever and you have one unforgettable conference!
Here are some of the wonderful people we shared our time with.
If you are unschooling, or even thinking about it, I highly recommend going to a conference. There is no better way I know of to see how it REALLY works, and have a great time just doing it!