Out of the Box Art

If you've seen any of the art I've posted before, you probably know that I love when artists use traditional materials in an untraditional manner, or if they use untraditional materials to create traditional looking art. The "out of the box" creativity of some artists just amazes and inspires me. Here are a few more that I recently saw on-line.

First is the artist Yeondoo Jung, who created photographs inspired by children's drawings. This is one example, but I urge you to check them all out.

Next is this coat hangar gorilla from David Mach. Talk about turning the ordinary into extraordinary!

And finally, check this out the Crest Hardware Art Show, held anually in Brookly, NY. You can see more photos of the mundane turned into art Collin Mel's Flickr pool.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful artists, and like me, are inspired to keep looking at the world in new ways.

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ps pirro said...

I think we would look fab in the washer-chain-mail halter top... maybe with a tassel belt from Live&Learn?