Friday Fill-in

TGIF.... or I might never remember to blog! ;P

1. Home sweet, happy, wonderful, loving home. (from the art in our bathroom ;) )

2. My favorite thing for dinner lately is Anna's Pizza.

3. Jimmy Neutron's robot dog, Goddard, says "bark! bark! bark!"

4. A nice long walk along the beach is revitalizing.

5. We could all use a daily dose of some good news. The Good News Network has it. Check it out!

6. When all is said and done it won't really matter at what age you first learned to read or write, or do long division, or any of the millions of things that schools lead you to believe must be accomplished by a certain time lest you be labelled deficient in some way.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to seeing my youngest son take his first belt test in TaeKwanDo. Tomorrow my plans include going to the Home Depot Kids Workshop with my son, and packing for Orlando, and Sunday I want to visit with family in Orlando.

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