Art Appreciation

I love art. I could go on and on about it, but instead here's some of the recent art I've enjoyed on my refrigerator.

These were created by my youngest son and daughter using Magnetti strips, flexible magnetic strips. They are so much fun, and so inviting. Many guests have been tempted and have created their own masterpieces when they come over to visit. I highly recommend getting your own set of Magnettis. They are guaranteed to provide hours of open-ended creative expression, or ART, for all to enjoy!



Nance Confer said...

They are tempting! You walk by and you just want to reach out and fiddle with the magnetic strips.

Then you remember you're in Deanne's house and should probably leave her kids' artwork alone. :)

Very cool! :)


Deanne said...

They really don't mind if you mess with it, especially if I've taken a picture already first, hahaha! That's another one of the fun things about the magnettis, they're like an interactive form of art. Some of the creations have been made by a group at once, and some have been made by successive additions/alterations by different people. It's always evolving! Don't hesistate...Join in!

Joanne said...


You should submit this post to Unschooling Voices #6.
Here's the link
This months question is about cool activites/projects/experiements/etc that kids have done in 2006.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to buy them for Christmas.