I recently discovered this wonderful site: http://www.enjoyparenting.com/. The man who runs the the site, Scott Noelle, is an unschooling parent who helps other parents in trying to achieve more joy in their parenting. One way that he does this is through a brief e-mail that you can sign up to receive every day, called "The Daily Groove." Here is the text of one of my favorites so far:

The Daily Groove
Relieving Time Pressure
by Scott Noelle, posted on 2006-11-03

You enjoy parenting most when you feel expansive and flowing — the way you feel when you're not under any kind of pressure.

One of the most common pressures of modern life is time pressure: having to be somewhere or do something by a certain time. Young children naturally live in the moment, not by the clock, so subjecting them to time pressure usually leads to discord.

To reduce time pressure in your daily groove...

Decide that geniality (feeling good) is more important than punctuality (being 'right').

Don't agree to be on time — build flexibility into your agreements. ("I'll be there around 7:00-ish.")

When you really want to be on time to an appointment, give yourself LOTS of extra cushion time — just accept that life with kids is less "efficient."

Don't rush when you're late — call and renegotiate! For all you know, the person you're meeting may be late, too.

When you can get away with it, don't make plans at all! Enjoy living spontaneously!

Enjoy your parenting more, check out this site today!


Heather said...

That was neat! I hadn't read that yet. I have listened to the intro and other audios on the Daily Groove page. I haven't signed up for the Daily Groove though. I could probably use it.

Nance said...

Signing up right now!

Thanks. :)