Here's Some Fun from My Son.....

Just in time for April Fool's Day! Enjoy! :)

Reality Check

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Vicki said...

hunyfbThat was so cool!! Your son should be in school though, I mean really.....someone needs to squelch that creativity. He may end up happy, but how's he ever gonna be controlled? My son posted it on his mySpace page...after we watched it about three times! My oldest wants to know how he can get that "little brother zapper"?

Deanne said...

It's funny you mention school, because he's actually thinking of enrolling in high school next year! (gasp!) We're going to an open house next week for this magnet school that is on a college campus where he can be dual enrolled and concentrate in digital media. I'll probably post about it at some point. As for the "little brother zapper", that's something they both will just have to do virtually. LOL