I'm a Thinker, You're a Thinker, He's a Thinker, She's a Thinker, Wouldn't You Like to Be a Thinker TOO?

Diana nominated her whole huge list of blogs for this Thinking Blog meme. I thought I read alot of blogs every day, but apparently, I'm not alone! :) Lucky for me, there were five left on my list that she didn't already have, so I could nominate some fellow thinkers, and expand our lists, and thinking, some more. Here they are:

Cocking a Snook
Farm Dreams
Heather's Moving Castle
This is How We Shine


AnneO said...

Wow. Humbly honored. Thanks, sweet woman! Do you have a category for people who *think too much* but don't blog every single thing? :)

Deanne said...

That's a great idea! I might beat you at that one, though! LOL You have NO IDEA how many posts I've composed in my head, but never written, and even started, but are still in the "draft" stage! ;)