This year's Live and Learn Conference was just as wonderful as the previous four we've attended, if not better. It was set in the middle of the majestic Black Mountain area of North Carolina at a YMCA camp. We had the whole place to ourselves, and we took it over with great joy! :) Here are a few highlights.
The view from, the porch of, and a look at, the awesome Lee Hall.

The stream and the lake.

That's just the setting! Now add fabulous funshops, thought provoking presentations, numerous intimate roundtable discussions, a talent show, a dance, midnight movies, AND the most awesome tribe of people ever and you have one unforgettable conference!
Here are some of the wonderful people we shared our time with.
If you are unschooling, or even thinking about it, I highly recommend going to a conference. There is no better way I know of to see how it REALLY works, and have a great time just doing it!

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ps pirro said...

Hi Deanne

You're my whipup friend! And how funny to have you and your dh in one of the few shots I took w/people in it (I was in awe of the scenery on the day I took most of my shots!)

I'm adding your blog to my bookmarks, and will return! xox, Peggy