10, 20, 30 - My Life!

I first saw this on Jenny's blog, but then followed it backwards through many more.

Where were you 10, 20, 30 years ago?

Ten years ago, this day, I was probably still not fully unpacked from our move into our home. My hubby moved us into this house one year before that, all while I was in the hospital from delivering our second child. My mother was so impressed by the way my husband cleaned the house before our arrival home from the hospital, and "he even put shelf liners in the cabinets before putting the dishes away!" :) So 10 years ago, we were celebrating my daughter's first birthday, and one year of first home ownership.

Twenty years ago I was sharing an apartment in Edison, NJ with two other interns at Robert Wood Johnson Rehabilitation Center. It was my second of three different interships (Officially called "Affiliations") that I completed so that I could take the certification exam in occupational therapy.

Thirty years ago, hmmmm. I had to really think about this one. Oh yeah, I was probably in sixth grade at Von E. Mauger middle school. My best friend was Beth, and we liked to dress alike and went rollerskating almost every Saturday afternoon. I had a social studies teacher who often let me leave the school grounds to go to the local deli and get him a newspaper and coffee! Imagine the uproar that would cause today! ;P

SO, where were YOU 10......20.......30 years ago?

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