Meet my children's other mother....

Creepy, huh?

My kids had fun at the Coraline movie website exploring, replacing eyes with buttons, and creating flowers, but the button eyes just creep me out! There are also really interesting behind the scenes videos and pictures on the website (which is really quite impressive and worth checking out). I learned what a cool and creative job it is being a "rigger", and how "thinking outside of the box" is such a necessary skill in that line of work.

The movie itself was also quite amazing, especially for stop-action fans like we are. The 3-D effects have become so much more advanced. Now I want to see all movies in 3-D! I don't want to say much about the movie, for those who plan to see it, except that it is not for the faint of heart. It is pretty intense and scary in parts, and it effectively draws you into forgetting it's all pretend. It left a lasting impression that will definitely be on my mind for a while!


Madeline said...

Jesse wants to see it. I wonder if he'll be freaked out though. Maybe we'll wait for the dvd. That picture of you is so Stepford Wife! Very creepy.

kelli said...

The girls and I went, we loved it. The work on it was magnificent, I'd love to do that kind of thing, it just makes me want to create!

I have to make the "other" me now! hee hee