"It's Fun!"

That was what the cashier at Staples told us about high school, and why my unschooled daughter should go to high school when she's older. He then proceeded to tell us about the fun one can have in high school. For example, this young man was able to arrange to have fireworks explode on his school roof without getting caught! :O I informed him that my 17 year old son (who wasn't with us at the time) has fun with fireworks too, without attending school. Then he asked would I rather my son be using fireworks at home or school. Oh yeah, go do dangerous things without any guidance and supervision, in places where others could be seriously injured. I quickly answered, "At home."

I believe that the danger in most activities is often relative to one's knowledge of, and experience with that activity. Fireworks are a prime example. Driving a car is another. I see that my own children, having been provided with information and guidance about how to safely pursue the things they're interested in, are able to enjoy the activities they choose without needless risk-taking. Their thrills come from doing what they want, not getting away with things they "shouldn't" be doing. Now that's my idea of fun!


Heather said...

Right on!!

K. said...

Ha - it sounds as though the cashier at Staples is an excellent cautionary example of why unschooling is so fabulous. It's funny the best example he can come up with pro-high school is not getting caught setting off fireworks unsupervised!

Um, hello!

kelli said...

yeah, isn't it interesting; some people's perspectives on things? I've had people tell my kids how fun school is too and then my kids come back with.. "but what about having to get up early in the morning? Or asking to go the bathroom? or eating on someone else's schedule?"

And they pretty much stammer at those ;)

Stephanie said...

Isn't it amazing the lengths people will go to to make school sound fun?

Life is fun when you are really living it not wasting away in a dark classroom.
Good answers!

Christy said...

Yep, my son plays with fire here at home where I can supervise and make sure he is safe. Much better than my brother who used to sneak out and set things on fire. Quite a few of those got out of hand.

Nance Confer said...

So this isn't some fabulous Lite-Brite drawing someone in your house did? :)

That's what I first thought when I saw the picture.

To those who have not had the pleasure, Deanne's home is one beautiful art project after another! :)


Heather's Moving Castle said...

Today our boys had one of those fun days at home being supervised. ;)

Good for you!!!