A Floridian Christmas Parade

This past Saturday we went to the 22nd Annual Hobe Sound Christmas parade. Hobe Sound is a quaint little town near us that has a really fun parade. Thought you might like a peek.
It was bright and sunny, and those who were prepared brought their umbrellas for a little shade. Before the parade these kids were tooling around on their sleigh (outfitted with wagon wheels), ringing their jingle bells. Notable people were driven in convertibles during the parade, but a few were pulled along in boats.

There were quite a few customized golf carts, a common sight throughout our state. The Shriner's also had their other entertaining little vehicles. But the most surprising was the port-a-potty on wheels! The parade announcer informed us that this potty has had national coverage because it can turn on a dime. It was quite amusing to see it spin and do wheelies!
There were plenty of floats and "freebies". The people in the parade threw tons of goodies to the crowds, including candy & gum, frisbees, leas, t-shirts, candy canes, and beach balls!
The crowd went crazy for the enormous cage full of beach balls. We were all hyped-up just in time for the arrival of the guest of honor:
Yay! Let the merriment commence!


Mrs. G. said...

Is that Santa? And do I see people in shorts? I guess you don't have to worry about the winter blahs do you?

Looks like a fun parade.

Deanne said...

mrs. g.
I must have been over at your blog while you were over here. I left you a comment about the winter blahs. Too funny.

Jessica said...

Hi Deanne~
Oh, what a great post. I came home and read after going to our Christmas Boat Parade, and we were all commenting on how mild it was.

Well, I only slipped in a little ice, and long underwear helped LOL.

Love, Jessica