Why I Love Mondays, and My Dear Husband

So many people dread Mondays, that I may seem a little odd for loving them so much. But when Monday is one of your spouse's only days off each week, it becomes something to really look forward to, for many reasons. Since we unschool, my children and I are able to enjoy the whole day on Monday with my husband. Our Mondays tend to be wonderful family days.
A few weeks ago we went to play laser tag together. It is so much fun, and I deplore shooting type games. There is so much laughter and squeals of excitement that I don't think I stop smiling the whole time we play. Plus, it can be a pretty good workout! Because we are able to go on Monday, during the time when most children are at school, we usually get the benefit of having the whole place to ourselves, wherever we go. An added benefit that we found out about last time we played is that Monday is $1.oo day where we went to play, that includes games of laser tag, miniature golf, and bowling - all only $1.oo per game!!! That makes it much easier on our wallets. ;)
Last week, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went out on my parents' boat to "the sandbar". There are so many boats around here, that they really could use traffic control on the water during sunny weekends. However, when we went out, the seagulls were our only lunch companions. My husband had saved a bag of bread crusts from the last time he made bread pudding (which is sooooooo good!), and it didn't take long for the seagulls to flock around the boat! Here's a few pictures of our day.

(A view looking down the length of the sandbar, a view of how far you can walk out in the shallow water - See my brave 8 year old waaaaay out there, past my daughter? )

So far today, my youngest two went with my husband to help plate meals for a fundraiser and now my husband is helping my oldest son refinish his skateboard ramp. Tonight he will be making us a special dinner of crabmeat and pasta.

My husband may not get much time off from work, but he sure knows how to make the most of it, and any time we have together! That's why I love Mondays, and one of the many reasons I love my dear husband.


Stephanie said...

That is so great that you have a special day together. Most people hate Mondays, off to dreaded school or they hate their job or they are homeschooled and it's time to get bach to work.

Everyday is great around here and when daddy is home it's more special :)

Unscooling Rocks!

Hilaree said...

My husband works from home so we also sometimes enjoy a weekday trip somewhere...away from the crowds...for cheaper prices...sigh..we love all being home together! I'm going to link to your blog if that's okay with you. :)

Deanne said...

Thanks for your comments Stephanie and Hilaree. :)

Sure, you can link to my blog, Hilaree. I'm honored. ;)

Madeline said...

Wow. i was just reading about the cold of northern Wisconsin and look at you! Cool contrast. I am glad I am down here too (not FLA, but south).

I am tagging you for a "week in review meme" ! The rules are on my latest post.

Ronnie said...

Oh, look at that weather! Sending you waves of envy from the PNW.