Friday Fill-in #48

1. When my blog is broken, I can easily find something else to do until it's fixed.

2. I saw the most amazing people this morning! (My DH and kids ;) )

3. Enchanted is the new movie I'm most looking forward to seeing. Yes, I still really enjoy fairy tales.

4. Work: Necessary and rewarding.

5. Of all the new tv shows, I enjoy _____ the most. I wish I knew, but I rarely watch prime-time TV because my kids control the remotes. LOL

6. If only I was already at my goal weight.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep, tomorrow my plans include going to a local art stroll and holiday parade and Sunday, I want to decorate our tree!


jewlsntexas said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog -
And I saw Enchanted! It was such a cute movie - who cares if it is a fairy tale. My teenage girls LOVED it! They were cracking up all through it - and quoting it all day yesterday. We saw it at the $1 theater!

Mrs. G. said...

I have Friday off, so I'm going to take my daughter to see Enchanted. My son saw it and loved it.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I look foward to coming back to yours. Have a great Monday.