Breakfeast-0 Day

Yesterday, we celebrated the newly created holiday, "Breakfeast-o Day". According to my daughter, almost every holiday is celebrated with a dinner feast of some sort. She felt that breakfast was being shortchanged, especially since, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." (Stated by my daughter, after hearing the same from me too many times. ;P) The "official" date will be on January 2nd, my father-in-law's birthday, in honor of his appreciation for all things breakfast-y, but this being the first one was just celebrated yesterday.
First, there was the menu planning.

Breakfast: breakfast - pancakes and bacon
Lunch: breakfast - ham and cheese omelet and fresh baked bread
Afternoon snack: breakfast - cinnamon buns
Dinner: breakfast - homemade beef hash with poached eggs
Dessert: breakfast - homemade waffles with fresh strawberry topping

Then there was the shopping, completed by my dear husband and children. Next, of course came the cooking, also done by husband and kids. And lastly, but not least, time to feast!

If you enjoy breakfast foods as much as we do, mark your calendar for next January 2nd and celebrate Breakfeast-o Day with us!


Stephanie said...

My dh loves this idea of eating breakfast all day.
Looks yummy :)

We usually do breakfast for dinner a couple times a month.

Janet said...

mmm, i think i'll make pancakes tomorrow! Maybe with some maple turkey breakfast sausage...yum!

BTW, your answer to WIIW was partially correct! I didn't have your email to reply tho :-)

JJ Ross said...

I love breakfast for dinner too, and breakfast food all day sounds even better, but most of all, I love this creative idea for a new holiday!

Will your DD mind or be pleased, do you think, if we turn it into the next Kwanzaa by spreading the word? She would become famous as its founder a la Juliette Lowe and go on Oprah telling her story. . . :)

Roxanne said...

Fun- and a great idea! My boys would so love a day like this.