I'm Becoming a Bag Lady

It all started last may, when I decided to try and sew myself a new handbag for spring. Using a pattern from this book, I made the bag above. It was so much fun, that I decided to make another on with a different pattern, which became a gift.Then I was inspired to try my hand at felting a bag for the fall, and created this.

My mother really liked the felted look and asked me to make one for her for Christmas. I was thrilled. Here's what I came up with for my mom.
I also made 8 of these tote bags for Christmas gifts.
I have no good reason to make another bag, but today I bought some more wool yarn (on sale-yay!) for yet another bag. I saw a design that I just HAVE to try out. I love the idea of creating something pretty, and so useful too! I anticipate that 2008 is going to be "the year of the bag" for me. ;)


kelli said...

I have a draw to bags too.. don't know why. I've only made a few but I REALLY want to make a felted one, it scares me though.. I don't know why *g*

Stephanie said...

Cute bags, I have absolutely no sewing ability.

I'm so glad you posted a profile pic, I love seeing your face when you comment, btw I thought you were a brunette, it's ok Tina thought I was blonde, LOL! Funny how we picture someone when we don't know what they look like :)

ismoyo said...

The year of the bag. Sounds good!
Love to see what else you whip up during 2008. Bags are looking wonderful!