Friday Fill-in #55

1. The last compliment I got was from my good friend Dodie,; she said, "You're so good with all that crafty stuff."

2. I'm reading "You Are Your Choices" by Alexandra Stoddard.

3. I woke up today and thought, "Oh my gosh! Nance's going to be here for our morning walk in five minutes. I need to get dressed!"

4. Why does our society say "Children are our greatest resource," yet allow children to be the only segment of our population that it is legal to hit?

5. The last thing I ate was a crisp, cold, juicy apple. Mmmmm!
6. January is....the month dear husband and I were born.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a "birthday" dinner with my family at Carabbas, tomorrow my plans include my morning walk, so far, and Sunday, I want to make cavatelli for my husband!


Janet said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for playing :-)

Spice said...

Happy Birthday!!!! My first one is up over here: http://pinkclover.net/blog/_archives/2008/1/18/3473126.html

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday :)

kelli said...

I've awarded you an "excellent" blog award.

You can see what I'm talking about at my blog.

AND Happy Belated Birthday!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! ;)

Love the sunsent photo and blog changes!!

Stephanie said...

I have to tell you that your comment about vacumming cracked me up and made my day. I thought I was just weird, I love all the attachments, the more I can reach the better. You go girl!!!

Deanne said...

Thank you ALL for the birthday wishes, and thanks for coming by my little blog. ;)