It's a Webkinz World!

We went to our local Hallmark store two days in a row this week for the special give-away of a free Webkinz for every purchase of ten dollars or more. For us, that meant buy one Webkinz, get one free! This was all part of Webkinz celebrating their two year anniversary. (If you haven't heard of them yet, or don't really know what they are, check them out here.)

My kids only started collecting Webkinz about seven months ago, but there were birthdays and quite a few holidays since then. That made gift giving pretty easy for some, and the collection of Webkinz grew by leaps and bounds. This is the most recent picture of the whole gang:

These little critters have lots of adventures, on-line and in real life. They've all enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline with my kids, and in the picture above they were getting ready for their guided tour of our house. The last two days have been all about Webkinz fashion. Two of my children and their friend created many new fashions for their animals, using scrap material, tape and safety pins. A runway was constructed from a game box lid elevated by potholders, and of course there was music to accompany the models. My husband and I got to be the judges. We had a slip of paper on which we had to write our score for each constestant and then hold it, as if on a TV show. Their creativity was inspiring! They crafted ties, hats, belts, sashes, "tail veils", vests, capes, and more! Here are two of the contestants:

At first I couldn't see the appeal of Webkinz, but thanks to my kids, I now see that Webkinz are much more than just another line of cute stuffed animals. To my kids, these toys are some of the many raw materials they use in their never-ending, often surprising, creative approach to enjoying life (and coincidentally learning too!)


kelli said...

Awesome! We play too and do you know who takes the best care of his Webkinz? Tim! :)

Christy said...

We'll have to go check this out. We love Webkinz here too. Although I'll admit I haven't played with mine online in quite awhile. My garden is going to need to be dug.