Open the Door to Joy in 2009!

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: Is Joy Knocking On Your Door? ::

She knocked on the huge palace door. The peepholecover slid open, revealing the grim face of thepalace guard. "Who goes there?"

"I am Joy," she answered with a smile, "I'm here tovisit the Queen."

The guard shut the peephole abruptly. A few minuteslater, it slid open again and the guard said, "TheQueen is upset because her children are misbehaving.You may not enter until conditions improve."

"But I bring good tidings, and if she would let mein, the children would surely abandon their mischief."

"Sorry," the guard grumbled, "I must do HerMajesty's bidding." Then he locked the door and left.

But Joy did not leave . . . She just kept knocking.

Today, if you feel upset for any reason, askyourself this: "Am I using these conditions as anexcuse to disallow my natural state of well-being?"
Decide that when JOY knocks on *your* door,you'll let it in... no matter what the conditions!

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