Friday Fill-in #58

Oooops! I'm a little late again. Do you ever think about things so much during a day, that you forget if you actually did them, or you just were planning to do them when you got the chance? Or is it just me? Anyway, here's what I composed in my head yesterday. ;)

1. I'm looking forward to a visit from my sister-in-law and her husband.

2. Italy is a place I always wanted to visit and haven't made it there yet.

3. I've fallen in love with making Art Trading Cards.

4. Six of one, 2x3 of another.

5. Addiction is a frequently misused term for passionate pursuit and frequent enjoyment of activities that are not truly harmful, ie. video games.

6. The videos my kids create crack me up!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having my sister-in-law and her husband at our house, tomorrow my plans include going to the county fair and Sunday, I want to just enjoy my husband's only day off with him and the kids, doing whatever!

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alisonwonderland said...

sounds like a good weekend! enjoy!