It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The giant slide and bumper car madness at the county fair.

So far, we've been able to attend the Hobe Sound Art Festival , the ArtsFest of Stuart, and the Martin County Fair. Another arts fair, "Artigras" is going on this weekend in Jupiter, but three weekends in a row of art fairs would just be too much for my kids. ;P I contemplated going to the Florida Renaissance Festival this weekend, but honestly all these fun activities are cutting into the budget.

The Stuart ArtsFest and the Hobe Sound Art Fest.

So now we may have to eliminate a few of the future outings I had hoped to take. Our choices are the Ren Fest, the Hatsume Festival at Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museum, and a day trip to Orlando to visit a theme park. It will most likely be Orlando, since my Aunt Cathy will be there visiting from Maine.

Will somebody please remind to save some money from the holidays next year, so that I will be financially prepared for Florida's Festive February? And if YOU ever want to visit Florida, I highyly recommend coming in February. The flowers are blooming and the outdoor festivities are abundant!


Madeline said...

It's amazing what a difference being one state up can make! Good reminder for next year. I think I have a wonderful picture of your son from last year's L&L dance. Was his hair spiked up in a beautiful, dramatic mohawk? He made such a strong, good impression on me. I haven't been here enough (that will now be remedied) to see a pic. of him before or I just got unlucky.

Deanne said...

If it's a picture of a platinum blonde with a black-tipped mohawk, that's him! He was really having a blast at that dance. :D