Sand-angels and Soap-angels

I love this time of year in Florida. Who am I kidding? I love Florida all year, the main reason being that there is rarely a time when we cannot enjoy being outdoors. My children may not make snow-angels in the winter, but they have been know to make sand-angels at the beach. *g* And, just the other day, they had fun creating soap-angels.

It all started when my daughter and friends where in our backyard on our new climbing dome. Then, one of the neighborhood dogs wandered into the yard by going through the nearby creek. Of course he was all muddy, so the girls decided to give him a bath. Well, one thing led to another, and before I knew it there were four wet and soapy girls on our trampoline having a blast, and making soap-angels. That's just the kind of thing that happens around here in February. ;) So, what do you do for winter fun?

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Roxanne said...

Well- here in New Jersey it was 70* today!! T-shirt weather in February.
If it ever snows we'll be sledding, snowball fighting, snowman making, etc. and always hot chocolate afterwards.