Thirteen Things that I want to do for Christmas.

1. Bake cookies with my kids and deliver them to friends

2. Drink mulled cider and listen to Christmas music while decorating the tree

3. Make and send Christmas cards

4. Make sock monkeys for my younger nephews and niece (5 of them)

5. Create some new ornaments for our tree

6. Crochet and felt a handbag for my mom

7. Sew tote bags for my Bible study girlfriends (6 of those)

8. Knit socks for my husband's mom

9. Go to church

10. Make a folded magazine tree, like this:

(directions here)

11. Fit into last year's "holiday" clothes

12. Savor quiet times with my husband and kids as much as possible

13. Remember to breathe if things don't turn out as I plan, and remember that all is well.

Wish me luck! ;)

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